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Cosmic Consciousness

There is a state of consciousness, so joyful, so glorious, that all lesser expressions
of awareness are worthless in comparison. It is “a pearl of great price,” which the
wise man willingly gives up all he has to acquire. The enlightened prophets who
walked the earth at various times throughout the history of mankind had one
common purpose. It was to impart to us, through divine revelation and
compassionate demonstration, a realization of the uncompromising void that
permeates our lives as a result of our not possessing this glorious state of
awareness, which can be more specifically understood to be the pure Cosmic
Consciousness of the Kingdom of God.

When the whole of humanity eventually acquires Cosmic Consciousness all religions
and traditions will simply fade away and will be replaced by a mutually possessed
super-consciousness that will neither be believed nor disbelieved, but rather
experienced. It will not be a part of life belonging to a particular few hours of the
week, nor will it reside in sacred books entrusted to a few appointed holy men and
women. It will not depend on prayers, books, preachers or prophets, nor will there
be a mission to save men from their sins or secure entrance into heaven for them.
The realization of immortality will be alive in every heart and having the least bit of
doubt with regard to eternal life will be as impossible as being doubtful
of momentary existence.

Cosmic Consciousness will permeate each moment of everyone’s life and
intermediaries between God and man will be permanently replaced by directly
flowing, enlightening, nurturing and loving intercourse between man and his
Creator. Humanity will possess an unwavering consciousness of their ever-evolving
immortality. There will be absolutely no concern about what comes after this mortal
sojourn being as all will be privileged to see beyond the veil in dreams and visions.
Ascension to a higher realm of eternal life will be optimistically welcomed as a path
to greater freedom, happiness and spiritual expansion. It will occur at an
appropriate time which one will be aware of and voluntarily submit to with great
anticipation and joyful expectations.

The inevitable transition of humanity to the possession of Cosmic Consciousness
began with a few God-realized individuals. They were the prophets of old who have
since inspired many to rise above the human condition. As a result the number of
enlightened souls possessing Cosmic Consciousness is growing exponentially as
more and more evolve spiritually to the point where they possess this exalted state
of enlightenment. Through uncompromising dedication and willingness to trust the
enlightened ones who came before us we are able to attain entrance into the ever-
beckoning liberation, joy, shelter and guidance of the pure Cosmic Consciousness of
the Kingdom of God.

We will have unleashed the true nature of our soul, the “image of God” within, and
in doing so have banished the insidiously destructive forces that heretofore have
threatened our well-being. We will have resurrected the empowering benevolent
forces of divine love, wisdom, peace and the inestimable joy of nurturing
communion with the Cosmic Consciousness of our Creator. We will have discovered
the elusive and heretofore seemingly indefinable purpose of life.

Note: Christ Consciousness is synonymous with Cosmic Consciousness and is referred to as
Enlightenment in eastern philosophy.


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