The Boy Jesus with the Doctors in the temple.
painting by Heinrich Hoffmann
God Loves Me - Inspirational Poem | My Prayers

God Loves Me

I have no doubt God loves me,
He shows me every day.
I am His faithful servant,
He uses me in many ways.

I pray to Him each day and say,
make use of me as you will today.
Devotion is all you require of me,
as you patiently mold my destiny.

You are the potter, I am the clay.
You inspire me in so many ways.
You mold me as I deserve to be,
I too use you, as you use me.

As a cart must follow its drawing horse,
I am the expression of my thoughts.
The path to you is mine to choose,
your power is ever mine to use.

I feel your presence everywhere,
because of you I have no fear.
I call upon you night and day,
keep me safe and guide my way.

©6/15/2015 Paul Martin. All rights reserved
God Loves Me |

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©2015 Paul Martin. All rights reserved. | God Loves Me |