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​God watches over his children,​
and every now and then,​
He knows things will be better,​
If he lends a helping hand.​
From among us comes a Hero,​
and in time we understand,​
we should follow in his footsteps,​
for he is no ordinary man.​
His light may shine just briefly,​
yet he’s never really gone.​
For those of us who love him,​
his memory will live on.​
At first we may not realize,​
yet as time goes on we see,​
his exemplary life inspires us,​
to be all that we can be.​
He may have suffered greatly​
to implement God’s plan.​
Yet then, we must remember,​
he was no ordinary man.​
Our Hero never compromised,​
never wandered from his path.​
In our hearts we understand,​
he was no ordinary man.​

©2010 Paul Martin. All rights reserved. | Heroes | www.MyPrayers.net

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