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Is God Our Faithful Servant? - Inspirational Poem |

Is God Our Faithful Servant?

Many believe the events of our lives are predetermined and whatever happens, either good or bad, is God's will. Fortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Is it possible God is our servant? Does he mold us as we deserve to be? Should we become fitting instruments for God's power to express itself?

God's will for us is the unalterable outcome of the thoughts and actions we lay upon the altar of His great law of cause-and-effect. His will expresses itself through the choices we make and we are always responsible for our actions. We provide the material by which He molds our destiny.

We don't always get what we want but we do get what we create according to the thoughts and actions we have given God to shape our destiny with. His will coincides with ours when we are perfectly in tune with His great law of cause-and-effect.

What we experience is not of His choosing but ours. We must trust in the fact that through Him we can create good, which he will implement on our behalf, for He knows nothing of evil.

Wisdom lies in the careful consideration of the effect of every cause and the willingness to adjust ourselves accordingly. The Great Law is our connection by which we mold our destiny. It's the source of God's protection; as we believe, so we will be.

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Is God Our Faithful Servant? |

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