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McDonald’s Angel

An obviously destitute person walked into McDonald’s

with an empty, tattered coffee container which he had
presumably salvaged from the parking lot. A fellow I
assumed to be the manager quickly positioned himself
to intercept the man.

The pseudo patron asked for a free refill, which is store

policy, if in fact, he had bought coffee initially. Just then,
the supposed manager caringly said, “Let me get you a
new container”. He filled the replacement vessel to
capacity while at the same time granting the man the
respect usually reserved for paying customers.

Several people witnessed the sincere kindness of the act
and there were no dry eyes, neither for the recipient, or
the bystanders. Soon after I inquired about the manager
hoping to thank him for his good deed, but it appears he
was only there briefly, having been sent by corporate
to make a spot inspection.

No one seems to know his name or how to reach him.
I wonder if he is indeed one of the many
unknown Angels in Our Lives.

©11/1/2018 Paul Martin. All rights reserved.
McDonald's Angel | MyPrayers.net

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©11/1/2018 Paul Martin. All rights reserved | McDonald's Angel | Inspirational Poem | MyPrayers.net