Jesus in the Interiorization 
of Prayer in Meditation.
by V. V. Sapar
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Consciousness raising truths to memorize

I am an individual expression of the transcendent and blissful Spirit of God.
He is my creator and the source of the immortal consciousness of my Soul.
My Soul is the master of my mind and my mind is the master of my body.

God is the life force within the unseen power of creation and He expresses
Himself constructively through my intuitively monitored thoughts and actions.
My thoughts are infused with creative power and I affirm this in meditation.

My unwavering trust in God’s willingness to enable me to manifest well-being
is the catalyst which opens the floodgates of His empowering life force, that
which gives light and guidance to my mind and life and healing to my body.

A blissful peace, light and healing presence fills me with the joy of knowing
I am not a powerless victim of circumstance, but rather a beloved child of God.
My trust is rewarded with mastery over seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

His power flows through me, I am eternally safe in His loving care and guidance.
The everlasting now, becomes the jubilant existence it was always meant to be.
My rejoicing heart is immersed in the tranquility of His abounding presence.
I am sustained and transformed by the boundlessly loving Grace of God.

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How to Meditate

Genetic restoration

If you had hopes of climbing Mount Everest, would you look for a guide who has actually climbed to the
top or would you settle for one who has gone a half or a third of the way, or possibly none of the way?
Is it the same with meditation? Can an instructor take you only as far as he or she has gone themselves?
Should we follow the example of the prophets of old such as, but not limited to, Jesus, Buddha and
Krishna? They left us a very profound legacy, in both word and deed, with regard to their ongoing
communion with their heavenly Father. Communion with God and its resultant exchange is a worthy
goal as it is the essential element of meditation. It is the result of our concentrating on eternal truths.

The actual meaning of the word “meditate” is to engage in thought or contemplation with deeply focused
concentration. Many well-meaning instructors believe in order to meditate, you must clear your mind of
all thoughts. It seems likely they have not yet scaled the heavenly heights of consciousness themselves,
for it is impossible to think about nothing at all. When you think about nothing, you're actually thinking
about something, being as your mind is occupied with attempting to think about nothing.

When meditating upon Truth, we must suspend all negative beliefs until they are swept peacefully away in
the wake of our increasingly unwavering trust. The reality is we should always focus our thoughts on
the fact that we are heirs to Divine power. As we meditate upon this obscure blessing, we will feel elated and
intoxicated with the joy of experiencing and expanding upon this enabling and enhancing empowerment.
As God’s heirs, we must be devoted to establishing the interchange of communion with Him. We must
trust His hand is ever available and always at work and ready to bring peace and rest to our Soul.

On, you will find many poems, songs, and prayers which will increase your understanding
of God and our relationship to Him. When we dwell on these sacred truths in meditation, we lift the veil of
delusion, that which clouds our thoughts with fear and uncertainty. It will be helpful to study one of our
works in particular. It is appropriately called “Meditation.”  If one commits it to memory and meditates
upon the truths therein, they will be lifted above the human condition. Eventually, they will view life from an
eternal vantage point. All the ancient prophets, those who originally shed light on these truths, will be their
guides. The wisdom of the Sages will inspire them in order that they may scale the highest peaks of
consciousness, on an ever enlightening basis, as they commune with God in ever intensifying meditation.

We must concentrate deeply and regularly upon the highest truths we can aspire to in order to reap the
resultant wisdom, peace, joy, healing and bliss which emanate from and are the much desired outcome
of communing with God in meditation. It will also be beneficial to become familiar with our comprehensive
interpretation of Jesus’ propitious insights entrusted to us in "The Lord's Prayer. As previously
mentioned, please enjoy the many other enlightening interpretations of Truth which can be found on The uppermost goal one can aspire to in life is to experience just one tiny moment of the
blissful and effulgent light of God contact. You will feel an immediate transformation of both mind and
body. From that moment on, you will look forward to meditating, for your main desire will be to cultivate
and thereby experience wholeness through the equally flowing exchange of communion with God.
If one consecrates their life to the service and worship of God, they will be privy to a great power within.
When we are able to connect to this omnipresent power, all ills are healed and all burdens are relieved.

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