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My Obedient Finger

I move my finger slowly,
it does what it is told.
it listens to me carefully,
if the truth be known.

If my finger is obedient,
it does what I want it to,
It seems likely my body,
will take instructions too.

The Mind that moves my finger
rules the responsive universe,
I need only trust completely,
for it to honor my requests.

​When our mind sends a message to a particular finger which causes it to move, does it
obey us as a result of an underlying thought whereby we have initiated an action? Does
our finger comply with our wishes being as it has received instructions from our mind?
Is the moving of a particular finger an expression of our thoughts? Is it possible we can
give ourselves credible suggestions to be, or to remain, in a harmonious state if we
realize we have the ability to do so? Would our entire being then become a harmonious
expression of our spiritually aligned thoughts? Do our thoughts have creative power?

Does our finger moves because it obeys our thought creating mind? If societal beliefs
convince us that our finger will no longer respond, will it become unresponsive? Does
our mind transmit commands which correspond to our ingrained beliefs, either for our
benefit or detriment? Should we deliberate carefully upon the consequences of our
thoughts and the resultant subtle directives we are subconsciously creating? Can this be
one of the elusive and little understood Truths that sets us free from the burdensome
trials of life? Can we demonstrate the courage to hold fast to our firmly held beliefs?

Through the wisdom acquired in contemplative prayer and meditation, we can realize
of the unreality of the delusion we are continually immersed in. With our unfolding
understanding, not only will we be able to give authoritative direction to our obedient
finger, we will surely be able to improve the overall quality of our lives. Could the cause
of all inharmony be our lack of awareness with regard to our ability to utilize the
inherent power of Mind which is flowing directly from the Almighty? When we trust our
thoughts have transformational power we are able to draw upon the infinite reservoir
of life and in doing so, we can realize our deepest desires. As a direct result of our trust,
coupled with the exalted quality of our thoughts, we are lovingly restored and renewed.

©3/28/15 Paul Martin. All rights reserved | My Obedient Finger |

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