Poems of Encouragement | Poems of encouragement are inspirational.

Poems of Encouragement

Poems of encouragement are inspirational. Unfortunately, it is detachment from the life that is
God that makes our own lives barren and difficult. Truly joyful poems that lift our spirits can
oftentimes connect us to nature, love, wisdom, peace and joy, which are all synonymous with
God. They speak to us in the voice of God when they have the ring of truth in them.

If you knew for sure that you had the power to demonstrate over every difficulty in your eternal life
would you be afraid of anything ever again? Curiously, this is what the deeper aspects of
Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Judaism are trying to convey to us. They seek to confirm
the fact that, through knowledge and understanding, we are able to grow to a spiritual level of
awareness whereby we can tune in to God’s love, power and protection. The Divine Mind of God
enriches, heals and enlightens us as we utilize our imperishable connection to His unalterable
laws of Cause and Effect.

We recognize we are co-creators with God for the benefit of ourselves and others by reason of
the fact, “We reap what we sow”. These unalterable Divine Laws enable us to do our part in
creating a better world.

When we have grown spiritually to the degree we intuitively understand that for every action there
is a precisely equal reaction, we can intentionally create and thereby use each action and
subsequent reaction in a beneficial way. We will have learned to use God’s unalterable laws of
Cause and Effect in accordance with His will for us, which is always for the best of all involved. We
grow to understand our exalted thoughts and actions are actually prayers for humanity and
are being brought to fruition in a very demonstrable way.

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Jesus forgives the sinful woman.
Drawing by Heinrich Hoffmann.