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Reflections in a Dreamer's Mirror

I dreamt I peered into a mirror,
God was where I should have been,
He gently reassured me,
“You won’t return again”.

“Keep looking in the mirror 
and I will make it clearer,
about the many times and places 
and the dreams that you have lived”.

I watched with great amazement,
I saw all that I’ve been through,
the mirror was revealing,
the countless “me”s for my review.

Each reflection seemed familiar,
as though we were meeting once again.
It was as if I was rediscovering,
all my long lost loving friends.

“Those seekers that you’re seeing, 
are your past identities.
You’ve learned to live in harmony,
and now your soul is free”.

“The person that you are today,
has learned to use my powers.
You trust that I will see you through,
life’s seeming darkest hours”.

“You’ve learned the meaning of the truth,
you were always safe with me.
You have learned to trust me
and the truth has set you free”.

“Through life’s trials and tribulations,
you have found your way to me.
You’ve earned the right to live your life,
with me, eternally”.

©2/4/14 Paul Martin. All rights reserved.  
Reflections in a Dreamer’s Mirror | www.MyPrayers.net

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©2/4/14 Paul Martin. All rights reserved. | Reflections in a Dreamer’s Mirror | Inspirational Poem