The Soulbird’s cage was open,
but he did not want to leave.
He chose the safety of his confines, 
over his desire to be free.

The cage had been his home,
was it all he’d ever known?
Now that it was open,
If he left, where would he go?

The thought of being free,
to explore unfamiliar worlds,
was overshadowed by uncertainty
and fear of the unknown.

The Soulbird could opt
for liberation voluntarily,
or prolong the inevitable,
until he’d be forced to leave.

He made a choice to venture on,
it was one he won’t regret.
The cage became unbearable, 
he was glad that he had left.

The world beyond the cage,
was quite a sight to see.
The Soulbird was relieved
and was happy to be free. 

©2013 Paul Martin. All rights reserved.
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