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The Illusions of Hypnotic Suggestion

The Illusions of Hypnotic Suggestion

​ A.k.a. Mesmerism or Animal Magnetism

Imagine we are in a hypnotically induced state of mind wherein our thoughts are objectified. There is a mini-personification of illusion sitting on our shoulder trying to influence our human experiences. Fortunately, it lacks the power to permanently induce its materially focused hypnotic suggestions since they are derived entirely from baseless illusions.

On the other shoulder sits a guardian angel imbuing us with the pure ideas of God which empower us to reject the false beliefs of hypnotic suggestion. Consequently, we become increasingly able to establish more and more true ideas in our consciousness, of which the most important, is our likeness to God.

We grow to understand we are perfect expressions of God living an immortal life, this very moment, in a perfectly safe universe. It is only the hypnotic illusion of erroneous beliefs foisted upon us by the collective thoughts of the masses, that keeps us from realizing the Truth.

We overcome material beliefs when we understand them to be the result of the hypnotic illusion of objectified thoughts. The veil of matter will diminish as the grip of illusion is weakened. As the spiritual nature of the universe is increasingly revealed, material beliefs will fade out of consciousness. Hypnotic illusion is all encompassing. Very few people ever think contrary to the prevailing beliefs of the day. Only when one realizes the pervasive nature of hypnotic illusion is there hope of freeing oneself from the unnecessary suffering brought on by our involuntary servitude to destructive hypnotic beliefs.

Our experiences come from either the pure ideas of God or the aggressive mental suggestions gathered by the human mind. Through prayer, spiritual understanding will unfold which will allow us to discern the difference, thereby annihilating worldly hypnotic beliefs, as God’s fervently sought intercession blesses us with His purifying ideas.

The reality is “it’s all good,“ with the exception of when we blindly accept what appears to be occurring at the moment with regard to the illusions of matter. Hypnotic suggestion can be compared to a lucid dream. When the dreamer awakens the dream fades into oblivion, along with its various scenarios.

Just as the onset of disease can be induced by a belief implanted by a hypnotist, it follows it can be cured by obliterating the same belief. Under the influence of hypnosis people will acquiesce to the most bizarre circumstances and will behave in a similarly bizarre fashion. They can be made to believe they are animals, or they are impervious to pain, or they are aged or infants, they are wounded or healed, sick or well, weak or strong, cruel or kind, or unreal objects will appear to materialize or vice versa. The scenarios are endless.

In like manner, we are all influenced by different modes of beliefs we inherit from our elders and society in general. Factor in race, color and creed, which create myriad amounts of conflicting cultural differences and hypnotic beliefs become convoluted beyond comprehension. God is the interceding facilitator in terms of our awakening from the erroneous hypnotic beliefs that plague our seemingly treacherous mortal existence.

Is it possible all of humanity is continually being lulled into powerful hypnotic trances within which we believe we are actually experiencing what is being suggested to us? Hopefully, at some point, we will awaken from our trances and realize the unreality of our supposed dilemma. This gives credence to the question, are we personally more affected by hypnotic suggestions than we realize? Are we hypnotized to believe we are powerless victims of circumstance? If we do not feel completely safe in God’s care, the answer is an unequivocal yes.

We live in a society that is rampant with suggestion, which suggestion, for the most part, is usually detrimental to our well-being. For instance, the insidious belief in a worrisome disease may be planted deep in our subconscious as a result of fear, which empowers the erring suggestion. It is likely the subconsciously absorbed suggestion that has been impressed on the mind as a belief will be foisted upon us, at some point through the medium of auto-suggestion, which takes the form of predominant thoughts continually revisited. The cause is our thoughts, the effect is their manifestation. Thoughts are cause, which cause beliefs, which bring to fruition seeds planted in fertile mind.

Are vivid impressions sown in our sub-conscious as beliefs? Do they begin to gestate before we reach the age of reason and do they continue to do so throughout our lives? Consider the possibility we may have been taught to believe we are vulnerable to various aggressive hypnotic suggestions. Or, we may have had the misfortune of being inculcated with them as vivid, or as equally damaging, repressed memories. As these beliefs relate to disease, some are considered incurable, or some have varying lesser degrees of seriousness, which prognosis we accept according to the supposed degree of credibility of the source. Jesus summed it up when he said, “Whosoever shall have no doubt in his heart, but believes what he saith will come to pass, he shall have it”. Unfortunately, the profoundness of this eternal truth is often sullied by the fact that it is a double edged sword. We reap precisely what we sow, whether it be for good or evil.

That which we truly believe in our hearts will eventually come to the surface demanding some form of resolution, be it either harmonious or inharmonious. We may believe inharmonious circumstances are beyond our control to remedy. Yet, when erroneous hypnotic beliefs are fearlessly resisted with protestations of truth, they must fade away. We must recognize hypnotic suggestions and refuse to believe they are based upon reality, or are more powerful than our ability to shatter them as a result our prayerfully garnered realizations.

Likewise, when Truth is bolstered by fiercely concentrated understanding it flourishes. When we no longer fear a particular detrimental illusion, we have seen the unreality of it, thereby causing it to fade away. We know it is nothing but hypnotic suggestion and as such a hypnotically bound belief. It can be broken by recognizing its inharmonious nature and destroying it with an influx of harmonious realizations of truth. Every resolution of inharmony is based upon our recognizing the fact that whatever can be healed by Love is an expression of the one harmonious Mind of God and Its attributes, of which we are made in His image and likeness.

Is it likely most all of us are unaware of the wide spread influence wielded by hypnotic suggestion? Are disease and death real, or are they bi-products of the illusions of hypnotic suggestion and therefore nonexistent? Have we been lured into the three dimensional world of inharmonious beliefs? Has the fact that we are living in eternity now been obscured? Is it possible to awaken from the illusion of the inharmonious beliefs of disease and death? When the suffering of sin, which is caused by ignorance of the truth, is shattered by understanding, does the realization that we are living eternal life now, obliterate our self imposed fears?

Was the fall of Adam and Eve and their resultant downward spiral to humanness metaphorical for their succumbing to hypnotically induced beliefs? Was the proverbial forbidden fruit symbolic of those same erring beliefs? Was the allegory of Adam, Eve and the apple indicative of the first ever belief in hypnotic illusion?

Are we forcibly drawn into human consciousness? If so, is the cause our insidious hypnotic beliefs? Do we spend the rest of our seemingly mortal sojourn being buffeted by the winds of hypnotic suggestion? Are we ever quite sure of our divine origin? Did Jesus voice the perfect solution when he said, “Be thou as a child,” for it seems the pure in heart see through the illusion of separation from God.

Hypnotic suggestion is a lie. Its weapon is fear. It intercepts the Truth being nourished in mind and replaces it with a belief which cannot be substantiated because there is no reality to it. It is an acquired fear-based belief that fades into oblivion, without a trace of a plausible suggestion remaining, with the onset of the clear evidence of Truth. In the final analysis, our constant task is to vigorously disbelieve our hypnotically induced inharmonious beliefs, no matter how real they appear to be, thereby realizing the unreality of a life apart from the perfection of God. When we revel in God‘s power and presence we feel Love, in His seeming absence, we feel fear.

We must recognize hypnotic beliefs and refuse to believe there is reality to them. They simply veil the truth. And the truth is, only the pure manifestations of God: Love, Mind, Spirit, Soul, Life,Truth and Principle are harmonious and therefore govern the perfection that is constantly occurring behind the scenes of hypnotic illusion. All that is inharmonious is hypnotic belief and can be dispelled by focusing on the genuine manifestations of Deity.

We love God because he cares for us through the medium of The Great Law of cause-and-effect. It should be thought of as a tool. It is always in operation being as infinite power and intelligence are behind it, not because we need to invoke it. It is self-enforcing as it eradicates all that we resolutely know to be inharmonious. Thanks to The Great Law of cause-and-effect, each time we awaken to the realization that the inherent nature of an inharmonious belief is an illusion (cause), the hypnotic belief reverts back to its natural state of nothingness (effect), corroborating the fact that all that is inharmonious is an illusion and therefore, inherently harmless. In the final analysis, it’s either God’s distressing absence or His comforting presence that are the measure of the Truth we are able to demonstrate.

Our goal is to realize our oneness with the Father as we partake of His perfection. The Great Law of cause-and-effect is our connection by which we mold our destiny. It’s the source of God’s protection, as we believe so we will be.” Our individual happiness blossoms when we realize we have ongoing access to Divinity. We have faith in the protection of God by which He enables us to see through the unreality of hypnotic suggestions and eradicate our discordant beliefs. We love Him because He is our constantly accessible protector.

We are meant to be joyfully aware of the reality of eternal life. We need only purify our minds with elevating thoughts of spiritual understanding in order to free ourselves from the false belief in the ultimate illusion of death. We thereby usher in the realization of immortality in which every moment of every day is without fear and ultimately timeless, due to our steadfast belief in eternal life. We no longer bear the unbearable weight of intolerable mortality on our shoulders.

We hold the key to happiness in our hands. We can open the flow of the storehouse of joy whenever we desire. Eternal happiness is the result of remaining confident we live within the safety of God’s ever protecting love. “Our unwavering trust in God‘s willingness to enable us to manifest well-being is the catalyst which opens the floodgates of His empowering life force, that which gives light, joy and guidance to our minds and life and healing to our bodies.”

We need only to reach the point of realization of “the harmony of being,” which Jesus called the Kingdom of Heaven within, where purity abides unceasingly and all is harmonious. Divine Love floods us enlighteningly with Its empowering radiance, once we have rejected the false beliefs of hypnotic illusion and have learned to take refuge in the effulgent light of God’s restorative grace. Is this the salvation Jesus promised when He said to the repentant thief on Calvary? “This day you shall be with me in paradise.”

God’s man is unaffected by the illusions of the human consciousness. He goes about life serenely and confidently. He sees through the false beliefs of matter, which inhibit God‘s presence, and inner conflict is unknown to him. He navigates effortlessly through evil to good by resolutely invoking the divine ideas of God to enlighten his journey. His faith remains unshakable. He basks in the same ͏li͏f͏e force that gives light, peace and guidance to his thoughts in order to demonstrate increasingly higher reality. He strives continually to elevate his awareness so he may more and more experience a foretaste of permanent immersion in the all encompassing, tranquil world of Spirit.

Jesus demonstrated the unreality of matter by his Ascension. His final demonstration proved his physical body was an illusion as he was gently absorbed into the heavens and disappeared from sight. Do you suppose he was deliberately setting an example for us? After all, he did say, “These things I do, you shall do also and even greater things”.

Visualize a bright and starry night, then imagine it is the Mind of God glowing full orbed within your consciousness. The twinkling stars represent a mere sampling of the myriad amount of God’s infinite ideas which are available to us as a result of our realizing our oneness with Him.

Then comes the dawning of illuminating thoughts, whose spiritually awakening ideas reveal a struggling humanity with all its foibles. The prevailing beliefs garnered by humankind seem irrevocable and become painfully ingrained in human consciousness, until such time as we destroy them with the correcting power of Truth. Which Truth is the direct consequence of our ever blossoming understanding, as we blend with the allness of God.

©12/25/2019 Paul Martin. All rights reserved.
The Illusions of Hypnotic Suggestion | Inspirational Essay |

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©12/25/2019 Paul Martin. All rights reserved | The Illusions of Hypnotic Suggestion | Inspirational Essay |

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