The Imperishable World Beyond

   I saw a great light and I was being drawn into it. It emanated warmth and love and was peacefully inviting as it billowed forth from a beckoning tunnel-like passageway, at the end of which stood those I knew and loved. They were motioning to me to come toward them and I was torn between two worlds. The feeling of wanting to go into the light was overwhelming. It was radiantly rainbow hued and brilliantly glistening, yet it did not damage or blind, it accepted, embraced and loved. I felt overwhelmed and overflowing with love and bliss. Gradually my earthly environment faded away and I saw a bright, new and beautiful world of azure skies, opalescent lakes, blossoming meadows, shimmering seas, rainbowed landscapes, perpetual springs, crimson hued sunsets, all beyond my most creative imaginings. I stood in awe and wonder at what could only be described as the world beyond, unimaginably buoyant and beautiful. My new body, which was weightless and made of light,possessed an ease of movement that was fascinatingly mobile. Was I in the realm of eternal life? I looked closely at my arm. It was luminously translucent and reminiscent of glowingly emblazoned objects on a three dimensional movie screen. Everything was a thousand times more vivid and plastic to my thoughts, unfathomably effervescent, lustrous, flowing and surreal, not subject to age or decay. ​

   I felt as though I was in timeless eternity with friends and family from whom I had been temporarily separated. I realized the eternality of love as I reconnected with those loved ones who had arrived before me. Our communications were nonverbal and we felt each other’s thoughts deep within our consciousness. Each thought exchanged played little notes within us similar to feelings produced by the sounds and vibrations of softly resonating harp strings. Once again we were drawn together by the bonds of love which had existed between us throughout eternity. All knowledge was instantly and intuitively accessible. Travel was at the speed of thought for one had only to desire to be in new surroundings and found oneself in the midst of them in an instant. The architectural grandeur was beyond human imagination being as the materials were constructed and formed with thoughts and therefore limitless in shape and design. Anything one could desire simply had to be conjured into being for we were able to control our surroundings at will. Trees would appear instantly and bore fruit upon request. Children grew to adulthood in a moment simply by willing it to be so. Aging and death were non-existent and everyone was in the prime of their life; young, vibrant, strong, radiant, peaceful, joyous and loving. There was no race, creed or color and we all understood we were created equal and equally loved. I realized I was in familiar surroundings. Had I returned to my true home, no longer a wayward traveler subject to the limiting confines of time and space? 

   There was an all-pervading awareness of a ubiquitous Supreme Being who was lovingly orchestrating this unfathomable perfection while permeating our every thought and action with the purity that was mercifully flowing from His divine mind through us. We were able to demonstrate this perfection as a result of our unwavering trust in His eternally sheltering love and guidance. This was the prerequisite for our being able to partake of the ever-flowing fountain of truth and immortality which can be so appropriately envisioned as eternal life amidst a harmonious paradise of peace and brotherly love.  Our fervent desire was for the blissful unfolding of our perpetually blossoming spiritual awareness.

   Like a hand that gives life and movement to a glove, my consciousness had slipped out of my physical body leaving it seemingly lifeless, inert and sensationless. Could I still return to my earthly habitation if I wanted to? My desire was to stay here in my newly discovered home. How could I leave this world of magnificent splendor which could be so properly described as being beyond human comprehension? I remembered how I clung to the struggles of life on earth for fear of the unknown. If only I could have been sure what it was like here I would have lived a totally different life, one dedicated to my spiritual growth and the wellbeing of others. I looked down at my physical body through a gently swaying and luminous silver chord which was inconspicuously attached to me by a caressing thought. It all seemed light years away yet the distance presented no difficulty. My human counterpart was lying inertly on my bed where I had left it and I sensed if I willed the silver chord to be broken it would mean the end of life on earth as I knew it. The choice was mine to make. I envisioned loved ones gathered around me grieving for what would seem to them to be the end of my life if I did not return soon. If only they understood I was here and happy and they would see me again before long if I chose not to return.  I decided to go back as I realized I had much yet to learn and much reassuring news to return with.  Soon my consciousness was merging into my physical body much like a butterfly gently alighting on a motionless blossom, with a neither “here nor there” feeling which was momentarily disconcerting.

   I cannot help but wonder which of the two worlds is the real dream. My heavenly sojourn seemed so immeasurably vibrant and real. By comparison, my earthly experience seems so very dull and uncompromising. I wondered if it were possible I had awakened from a dream of mortality for a short time? Could it be our entire physical experience is nothing more than a delusive dream from which we will awaken to find our true home has always been in the imperishable world beyond? 

   I was in awe and wonder of the indelibly impressed experience I had just undergone. Could it have been a lucid dream or was it a preview of the world beyond? Did I have within me the creativity to conjure up such unfathomably marvelous and mysterious grandeur? Or was I among the privileged few who have been allowed a glimpse of the paradise which was promised by Christ to the repentant criminal who was being crucified beside him on Calvary? “Remember me when you come into your kingdom”, he humbly asked and Christ mercifully replied, “This day you shall be with me in paradise”.

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The Imperishable World Beyond |

The Transfiguration
Painting by Carl Bloch
Jesus Raises Jairus's Daughter from the Dead
Drawing by Heinrich Hofmann

The Imperishable World Beyond

The Imperishable World Beyond | Restoration of faith is empowering
The Imperishable World Beyond - Inspirational Essay | My Prayers

The Imperishable World Beyond

He was no ordinary child, He was said to have spoken to his mother Mary
as an infant, declaring his divine mission. She had no reason to doubt him
as she was witness to His miraculously conceived birth. When honored by
the Wise Men who journeyed from India to worship him, many angels
appeared to pay homage to the baby Jesus one of which had previously
taken the form of the star which had guided the Wise Men on their journey
from the East. At their request his mother Mary gave them one of the
swaddling cloths in which Jesus was wrapped. On their return to their own
country, kings and others of royal blood inquired of the Wise Men as to
what they had witnessed, for they were aware the stars had not only
predicted the coming of a Savior, but also had guided the traveler’s
journey to the stable in Bethlehem. As was their custom the Wise Men tried
to burn the swaddling cloth in a sacred fire in order to be certain of the
divinity of the baby Jesus. As expected the cloth remained intact and
untouched by the fire. This confirmed their beliefs that a prophet was born
in Bethlehem and the Wise Men conferred upon him the name of Saint
Issa. News of his birth spread through all of India as did the hope that he
would one day visit their country where he was so deeply revered.

On the fortieth day after his birth Jesus was presented to God at the
Temple in Jerusalem. Angels were present in abundance to adore Him, as if
to form a King’s guard around Him. Before long King Herod ordered the
death of all infant male children in Bethlehem, being as he feared the
prophecy of the birth of a new and powerful King. God warned Joseph to
flee into Egypt with Mary and Jesus. Many miracles took place during this
period of Jesus’ childhood and according to the bible, if all the miracles
were accounted for that he performed in his lifetime; all the books in the
world would not be enough to contain them. A high priest was cured of a
mysterious malady simply by being in Jesus’ presence. A bride who had
been struck dumb was healed as she held the baby Jesus lovingly in her
arms. Lepers were cured by pouring the water over their bodies that had
been used to bathe Jesus. It was very unusual for Mary and Joseph to have
a spare moment as it became more evident to the populace that the child
Jesus possessed miraculous powers. He represented hope and salvation to
all who were afflicted and even as a young child his compassionate nature
was evident.

After three years Jesus, Mary and Joseph returned to Israel and the
miracles became more frequent as Jesus increased in stature. He would
form sparrows from mud as he gave them life and bade them fly away. On
separate occasions, Jesus saved three children from certain death who
would later play a large part in his life, they being Judas, Simon and his
brother James. Many varied healings, too many to recount continued to
occur, as well as the many resurrections of those who suffered accidental
or premature deaths. He regularly restored people to the living, just as
later in his life he would restore Lazarus from the dead.

Joseph found his son’s extraordinary powers to be of great assistance in
the carpenter shop, for when an error occurred and the erroneous
dimensions of something Joseph had built needed correcting Jesus need
only stretch out his hands and it would be as it was intended to be. After
two years of crafting a throne for the ruler of Jerusalem, the seat was
found to be much smaller than the appointed measure. Being aware of the
King’s anger at his father Joseph, Jesus directed him to pull on one side
while he pulled on the other. The throne obliged by assuming the proper
dimensions. All who saw were astonished? This was as elementary for
Jesus to do as later it would be for him to multiply the loaves and the
fishes and to change water into wine.

Schooling was an exercise in futility for his instructors as Jesus possessed
all knowledge intuitively; therefore he had no need of books or teachers. In
his twelfth year he was missing for three days. He was eventually found in
the temple conversing with the learned scholars and elders. One can only
imagine the awe and reverence Jesus inspired in them as he expressed the
profound wisdom of his Father in heaven. A certain astronomer who was
present inquired if he had ever studied astronomy. He replied with
information regarding the divinely orchestrated perfection of the celestial
bodies that no man had yet discovered. When asked of his knowledge of
medicine he informed them of the inherent power of nature when infused
with divine will. He instructed them as to how the soul (the son of God)
gives life to the body temple (the son of man) and how it is instrumental in
healing to the degree trust and devotion to God the Father are
demonstrated, thereby releasing the soul’s beneficial cosmic healing rays.
At some point he assured his worried mother that he was about his father’s
business, which bore witness to the nature of his earthly manifestation.
Jesus’ simple message was the renunciation of earthly bonds coupled with
right motives and right living, in order to activate the blissful, enlightening
and rejuvenating flow of Christ Consciousness which emanates from God
the Father, when one is open and receptive. That consciousness which is
immanent in and transcendent of its creation.

In order to repay the visit of the Wise Men who came to worship him as
an infant, and in part, to avoid customary betrothal at the age of thirteen,
Jesus would travel to India. He resided in various cities there and spent the
remaining years in the Himalayas of Tibet before returning to Israel to
begin his ministry. The New Testament is curiously silent about the life of
Jesus for a period of eighteen years. He is spoken of as a boy of twelve
teaching in the temple and is next spoken of as he is about to be baptized
by John the Baptist at the age of thirty. Through all of these years away
from his homeland he was actively engaged in doing the work of his
Father. Ancient records exist in India and Tibet which are similar in scope
and depth to our New Testament and which document the high esteem in
which he was held.

He was remembered as Saint Issa as this was the name that had been
given him by the Wise Men. Jesus was incarnated as a Savior and was
recognized as such in India and Tibet almost universally, but he was
scorned and rejected, for the most part, at the hands of his own people. He
journeyed to the East, which was a mecca of spirituality for thousands of
years prior to his arrival. There were many holy men and saints who were
extremely spiritually evolved, yet they did not approach his level of God-
realization. Jesus possessed the pure Christ Consciousness of God the
Father from the moment of his conception. In India and Tibet he was
sought out by advanced devotees who possessed the necessary receptivity
to his liberating expression of God realization. He had the ability to elevate
their consciousness’s to the point where they could experience the
cessation of a dualistic existence apart from God. It was the fulfillment
their deepest desires and expectations to be able to bask in the presence
of one whose destiny it was to set in motion the eventual spiritual
transformation of humanity.

Jesus could have lived out his life peacefully and without incident in Tibet
or India, while being held in the high esteem which was accorded to him as
a prophet of God. In his homeland the need for a reformation of thought
was great, and the conditions were right to accomplish that which was
necessary to bring legendary status to himself and his teachings. He
returned to demonstrate the redeeming value of “turn the other cheek”
and “love they neighbor as thyself” as he set an example that was to
become the essence of Christianity.

In spite of all the periodically reoccurring distortions at the hands of the
various religious hierarchies who have unknowingly interpreted the
teachings of Jesus in a manner that conformed to the limits of their own
understanding, the essence of the fundamental truths remains intact.
Christianity continues to expand exponentially as it brings relief and
comfort to a long suffering humanity. Jesus set in motion the process of
raising the consciousness of civilization, and in doing so he became one of
the central figures of the human race. His divinely initiated mission of
unparalleled compassion had been fulfilled.

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