The Obligations of Nobility 

I am the spirit of nobility. 
I have an obligation to uplift humanity 
and to uphold the laws of God and man.
I live in the hearts of dedicated people from all walks of life.
I cause them to be kind, considerate, unselfish and thoughtful,
to respect another’s confidentiality, and to be aware that
understanding is enhanced by sincerity and patience.

It is I who help them to choose their words more carefully,
to understand the greatest gift is to listen or be listened to,
to consider the feelings of others, to leave things unsaid at times,
to keep in mind that love is nourished with kindness while hurtful 
words and actions may be forgiven but not necessarily forgotten. 

I instill a sense of fair play and a deep realization that
self interests must be subordinated to the greater good.
I influence them to see the unimportance of winning, 
for it is far better to humble one’s self before God and man.
I inspire noble hearts to stand up to tyrants as the need arises,
for the powerful must protect the powerless at all costs.
I give them the courage to be true to their deepest beliefs.

I impart the understanding that wisdom is an essential ingredient 
of life and is developed, one step at a time, through perseverance.
I create an appreciation of the obligations of honorable, generous 
and responsible behavior associated with higher levels of thinking.

I am often handed down, from generation to generation, by people 
who are aware of the meaning of respect and concern for others.
I live in the hearts of those who accept the obligations of nobility,  
noble and true characters who are predestined to uplift humanity.

© 2009 Paul Martin. All rights reserved.
The Obligations of Nobility |

Healing the Sick.
Drawing by Heinrick Hoffmann.

The Obligations of Nobility

The Obligations of Nobility | Inspirational Song |