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The Trinity

Forgiving all, forgetting none, I Spirit, Father, Son are one.

I am omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, Divine Mind, a perpetual fountain of youth and source of Holy Spirit and all supply. I am the cause, orchestrator and implementor of The Great Law of cause-and-effect. Consequently, those who trust in me whole-heartedly may invoke my powers at will.

I abide in man as I simultaneously immerse him in my divine laws of cause-and-effect. I speak to man and I speak through man. I respond in kind to his benevolent thoughts and actions for he is my beloved child who is ever worthy of my inspiration and care. I am friend and companion. I provide refuge from the onslaughts of life. I am merciful and forgiving to those who are truly repentant, regardless of the gravity of their offense. Without me the specter of death weighs heavily on doubting minds.

I am all those created by infinite reflections emanating from the Divine Mind of the Father. I am all those who receive Christ consciousness from the sustaining Spirit. I am all those made in His image and likeness. I am all those who’ve been granted free will with which to mold their eternal destinies by careful consideration of the moment to moment choices they make, with regard to the conduct of their moral and spiritual lives. I am all those children of the Father, created equal and equally loved, all those who reap precisely what they sow. I am all those eternal souls wherever and forever.

Holy Spirit
I am universal Christ consciousness; life, light, truth, love, intuition, healing current and sustenance being eternally reflected from the Father. I am that which conveys eternal life to the soul and infinite light and guidance to every thought ever, here and now, as well as in the hereafter. I, Holy Spirit manifest all form. I am the indescribable, invisible cause that produces all reality.

When I am called upon to implement union with divine intervention, it is I who establishes a clear connection with the Father. Infinite power flows unrestrained through the readily receptive channels of passionately beseeching devotees as they are blissfully emblazoned by ecstatic communion with boundlessly loving Spirit.

Sustaining and transforming grace is showered upon the longing souls of worthy believers. They are blessed with peaceful renewal which emanates from their unwavering trust in the mercifully restorative intervention of the ubiquitously abiding divine presence of the Holy Spirit within.

©4/13/2018 Paul Martin. All rights reserved.
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©4/13/2018 Paul Martin. All rights reserved | The Trinity | Inspirational Poem |

The Holy Spirit as a dove in the "Heavenly Trinity"
joined to the "Earthly Trinity" through the Incarnation
of the Son, by Murillo, c. 1677
National Gallery, London