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A Father's Way

As I look back upon my life,
I think of things my father’d say.
He always gave me good advice,
it was just a father’s way.

I learned I must have patience,
for good comes to those who wait.
I must be courteous and dependable
and never inconsiderately late.

He’d tell me I must have a heart,
if I’m to demonstrate fair play.
He instilled in me what he was taught,
it was just a father’s way.

He’d say my word must be my bond,
for love is based on trust.
To earn the loyalty of others,
one must never be unjust.

He’ll live on through his wisdom
and I’m reminded every day,
it was he who gave me character,
it was just a father’s way.

©2/8/2017 Paul Martin. All rights reserved.
A Father's Way | MyPrayers.net

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©2/8/2017 Paul Martin. All rights reserved | A Father's Way | Inspirational Poem | MyPrayers.net