About MyPrayers.net | Is a collection of inspirational music and inspirational poems that represents the Promised Land.

About Our Website

What I have tried to do is to condense as many inspiring insights
as possible into the least amount of words. Almost every piece
on this website is written with the intention of helping us to
experience God as Love, as we feel His presence in our hearts.

Some of the works are challenging, yet true freedom,
mentally as well as physically, is based in understanding.
The wonder of our relationship with God is that we do not
have to find Him, He is already within us. All we need do
is penetrate the veil of delusion in order to experience Him
as love, light, peace, healing, inspiration, intuition and joy.

The task is to understand, through knowledge and intuition, the
exact nature of delusion and how it creates fear rather than love.
The insidious nature of F.E.A.R. is: False Evidence Appearing Real.
Unfortunately, we are inundated daily with uninformed negativity.

When I was a child I intuitively knew I was safe in God's loving care.
As I began to assimilate popular societal misconceptions, I lost touch
with the safety experienced as an innocent child. After a seemingly
endless struggle, I have rekindled those feelings of safety. If you too
have forgotten you are a cherished child of God, my greatest desire
is to be instrumental in helping you to remember we are all eternally
safe in His loving care and guidance to the degree we trust Him.

It took me a lifetime to discover the inspiring messages herein.
My wish is to gratefully share them in the hopes it will make a
difference in your life. Herein contained are songs, poems, essays
and prayers of inspiration and encouragement. I sincerely believe
they have the power to lift one’s Spirit above the human condition
so it may soar with the angels far above one’s earthly difficulties.

Many Blessings, Paul

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