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Angels in Our Lives

Could it be someone you idolize, is an unknown Angel in disguise,
from the moment you looked in their eyes, have you had a better life?
As I am growing more aware, it becomes increasingly more clear,
when someone needs an Angel, one will suddenly appear.

When Angels in our lives appear, very little can compare,
to the love and inspiration and the blessings that they bear.
When we find a special friend, is it possible they are heaven-sent,
could it be we are enchanted by their tender love and care?

Have they come to help us find, greater love and peace of mind,
have there been other Angels who have come into your life?
Do you remember every one? Do you know where they have gone?
When they are no longer needed, are they likely to move on?

So look for Angels in your life and I’m sure you will always find,
you will know them by their kindness and love for all mankind.
They won’t be wearing angel wings or doing supernatural things,
they are ordinary people, just the same as you and I.

A delightful Angel in our lives will inspire us to desire,
the insight that is needed to find the love we all require.
If they ever go away, we will see them all again someday,
especially when we hope and pray for Angels in our lives.

©12/8/2014 Paul Martin. All rights reserved. | Angels in Our Lives |

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Ⓟ2015 Lyrics and music written and performed by Paul Martin.
Produced and arranged by Paul Martin and Daryl Kojak

©2014 Paul Martin. All rights reserved. | Angels in Our Lives |

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