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Paul Martin writes inspirational poems, prayers, essays and songs exclusively for

He produces music and arrangements
in collaboration with Daryl Kojak.

He collaborates with Carol Mason who designs and maintains this website.

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Most folks use as a spiritual resource in the respect they forward a particular song, poem or essay they feel would be appropriate for a particular occasion. They send them to others whom they think would benefit from a specific choice, at a particular time when they may be in need of love and comfort or maybe just a rewarding experience. 

One can listen to each song, in its entirety, free of charge and also forward them to friends. Non-musical selections as well as sheet music are also available to print and/or forward, free of charge.

We invite you to do the same. If you take the time to see what is available here you will find there is something to brighten every occasion in life. What greater gift can we give to others than insightful and comforting words of wisdom.  
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