Do Souls Have Colors, Daddy?

Do Souls have colors Daddy?
a child was heard to say.    
When someone goes to heaven, 
does their color stay the same?

Does each different color Soul
go to a different color place.
Is it likely Souls in heaven,
are separated in this way?

Will Souls have nationalities,
or do they leave them all behind?
Do they speak in different languages,
will Souls alike be hard to find?

Sad Souls whose hearts are bound to
those, from whom they've had to part.
Will God relieve their suffering,
will He mend their broken hearts?

Can Souls be men or women,
is it possible to choose?
Will they stay forever young,
will they continue to improve?

My child, her caring father said,
I’m sure our Souls are all alike,
they’re colorless and genderless
and are all equal in God’s eyes.

Relationships are different there,
Love is true, like Best Old Friends.
and everyone is very happy,
just to be with God again.

©11/20/14 Paul Martin. All rights reserved.   
Do Souls Have Colors, Daddy? |

Ⓟ2014 Lyrics written and music composed and performed by Paul Martin.
Produced and arranged by Paul Martin and Daryl Kojak.

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©2014 by Paul Martin. All rights reserved. | Do Souls Have Colors, Daddy? | Inspirational Songs |