Jesus entry into Jerusalem.
Painting by Heinrich Hoffmann.

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Joyful Poems

“Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul and all thy
mind and have no other Gods before you” is possible to demonstrate when we
understand the exact nature of God, what our relationship to Him is and what is the
extent of the power He places at our disposal. It is essential that we understand
God, so when we dwell on Him in prayerful meditation we will be correcting all the
worldly misconceptions we are continually exposed to. 

Joyful poems that are of a spiritual nature can help us to understand how to open
the aperture that separates us from God, in order to allow His love, bliss and
wisdom to flow through us. We learn the true meaning of prayer is not to ask for
specific requests but rather to be able bask in blissful and enlightening God contact.
This Communion with God automatically corrects our difficulties in life, some of
which we are aware of and some which we are not. When we place more faith in
someone or something other than God, we violate the First Commandment, and as
a result we are blocked from God’s love, protection and empowerment. 

Spiritually joyful poems are poems of encouragement, whose underlying meaning
ensure us the more we are attuned to God’s will, as a result of our right thoughts
and actions, the more we experience Him as love, peace and joy. We grow to
understand our thoughts and actions are returned to us precisely in kind. All one
has to do to rise above the human condition is to turn to God conscientiously and He
will reward our noble thoughts and actions. No longer will we need to look for love in
all the wrong places. To achieve salvation is to experience the loving and guiding
presence of God and to understand the many blessings that are available to us
through His unconditional love. 

We learn to use the power and the wisdom offered to us by God for everyone’s
benefit and not only for ourselves. We demonstrate genuine prayers for humanity by
our exalted thoughts and actions, which invariable work for the benefit of all
mankind. How can we possibly do anything other than to express our love and
devotion to God once we truly understand the absolute degree to which we are safe
in his eternally sheltering love and guidance?

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