Upon meeting, Helen Keller explores Charlie Chaplin's face.
Mona Lisa 
by Leonardo da Vinci
Mona Lisa Eyes - Inspirational Poems | My Prayers

Mona Lisa's Eyes

Leonardo and I loved each other. You can see it in my eyes. We felt
much more vibrant when we were in each other’s presence. He
painted my portrait while viewing me through inspired eyes which
were visually enhanced by the intensity of his love for me. He
captured the essence of my soul. He created a surreal likeness
which was intended to be a vehicle by which I could return from the
world beyond to visit him if I were to predecease him. All he need
do was to gaze longingly at my image and in that moment I would
will myself to be there with him, viewing, feeling, sensing,
exchanging the peace and warmth that flows between two longing
souls who are capable of such extreme depth of feelings and

Great artists such as Leonardo have a miraculous ability to
command their brushes to conform to the precise demands of their
amplified vision. He was able to create an enduring, potentially life
imbued, portrait which I continue to revisit on occasion. It takes a
great yearning on the part of the viewer to entice me to return to
the painting, especially now that Leonardo and I are together in
heaven along with others we have known and loved. However, I am
concernedly available to warm the hearts of those who are truly
in need of love and inspiration. If you concentrate on me and reveal
the intensity of your desire, I will return. I will maintain eye contact
with you and follow you across the room if need be. I will comfort
you with my smiling eyes as I mirror and amplify your emotions.
You will feel loved.

The inspired ability to enable a soulfully emotional presence to shine
forth visibly from its likeness was by no means possessed
exclusively by Leonardo. In the day and age we lived in, the
premature death of our loved ones was a constant and burdensome
concern. Sanitary conditions were poor and famine, war and
pestilence were rampant. As a result, our lives were randomly and
prematurely cut short. No one was exempt from this brutally
ongoing game of chance, regardless of social standing or wealth.
Those who could afford the services of a great artist would
commission paintings of their loved ones in the event they were
prematurely taken. They would then be able to commune with them
at will in order to provide some small degree of comfort and to
lessen their sorrow in their time of loss. Quite often paintings were
life size and displayed in the most elegant surroundings.

We cherished those we loved as we fervently expressed our
interminable devotion. We were grateful for every moment we
shared being as we were constantly reminded of the fragility of
mortal life. As a result of our trials we possessed an unwavering
realization of the reality of eternal life and an intuitive
understanding a portrait by an inspired artist was a bridge between
heaven and earth. It was an instrument which would serve to
nourish our bonds of love until such time as those of us who were
left behind would be reunited with those who had gone on ahead to
prepare the way.

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