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Tender Mercies

Soothe me with your tender mercies,
enfold me in your purifying Grace.
Whisper truth within the silence,
keep me safe in your embrace.

Let my thoughts ascend to thee,
with body light and spirit free.
Will you appear and rescue me?
May I dwell in heartfelt harmony?

Your light reflects upon my soul,
the mysteries of life unfold.
Your overflowing love abounds,
your soundless symphony surrounds.

Your flame of Grace enraptures me.
May I never again lose sight of thee?
May I cling to all abiding joy in thee?
May I depend on you for all my needs?

I am speechless, marveling in wonder.
What you reveal is quite profound;
for within your blissful presence,
your tender mercies can be found.

Grant me unshakable courage,
as well as pure unwavering trust.
Let my path of life unfold, with no
fear or doubt, or thoughts of self.

©7/7/2014 Paul Martin. All rights reserved.
Tender Mercies | www.MyPrayers.net

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© 2014 Paul Martin | Tender Mercies | www.MyPrayers.net

Photo Paul Martin 2014
Jesus with Mary Magdalene at the Tomb.
Drawing by Heinrich Hoffmann.