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The Living God

I open my heart to the living God,
giver of all strength and blessings.
He frees me from unworthy thoughts.
He is the source of my inspiration.
From Him comes my joy of safety
when I depend on Him faithfully.
He whispers words of wisdom.
He affirms my divine heritage.
He shelters me and guides me.
He is the living voice of my soul.

He enhances my life according
to the exact expression of my
words, thoughts and actions.
When I raise my expectations to
the magnitude of His love for me,
I am able to overcome what seem
to be insurmountable obstacles.
His power flows through me.
I am sustained and transformed
by His boundlessly loving grace.
I am safe in His loving care and
guidance to the degree I trust in
His compassionate presence.

©10/11/2017 Paul Martin. All rights reserved.
The Living God |

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©10/11/2017 Paul Martin. All rights reserved. | The Living God |

Jesus Praying in the Garden of Gethsemane.
Painting by V. V. Sapar