Very few realize the meaning of success is giving more and having less
possessions that possess us and disturb our peace of mind.
Very few are ever happy with the simple things that can be
all we ever need to comfort us and keep us satisfied.

Very few believe we will receive unexpected blessings
that lessen all the burdens of those who really care,
about the helpless and downtrodden and those who are forgotten,
as we try to help them to get on their feet again.

Very few will ever really understand,
and happiness eludes us 'til we find
that everything we think and say and do,
is returned to us precisely in kind.

Very few know what we are giving is exactly what we are getting,
and so we keep forgetting to be considerate and kind.
Very few realize that heaven is another word for caring,
living, loving, sharing and possessing peace of mind.

Very few realize the meaning of how God is intervening,
when we are receptive to his redeeming love and care,
Very few realize the powers, that through Him are ours,
when we trust in Him to guide us through life's dangers, toils and snares.

©2012 Paul Martin. All rights reserved | Very Few |
Ⓟ2012 Lyrics written and music composed and performed by Paul Martin.
Produced and arranged by Paul Martin and Daryl Kojak.

©2012 Paul Martin. All rights reserved. | Very Few | Inspirational Songs |

Become as Little Children
Drawing by Heinrich Hoffmann

Very Few

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