We Were Living in Tibet

We were living in Tibet before the Dalai Lama left, and it was a land of bliss.
Love was our reward as we gravitated toward, unending happiness.
Our days were ever so pleasing and our joy was never ceasing, and we cannot forget,
the simple way of life, with no unhappiness or strife, is what we loved the best.

We possessed the perfect attitude, of humility and gratitude and unwavering trust in God.
He responded to our every prayer and we knew that he was always there to take good care for us.
We were living in a paradise of peace and joy and happiness and every one expressed,
they were happy to be caring and privileged to be sharing, all that they possessed.

What filled us with elation and unified our nation was our deep devotion to God,
Our primary goal in learning was to satisfy the yearning for peace and joy and love.
Everyone was equal and life was just a sequel to the one before.
There was no unhappiness or sorrow, or thoughts about tomorrow, for today is evermore.

©2013 Paul Martin. All rights reserved. | We Were Living in Tibet | www.MyPrayers.net

Ⓟ2013 Lyrics written and music composed and performed by Paul Martin.
Produced and arranged by Paul Martin and Daryl Kojak.

©2013 Paul Martin. All rights reserved. | We Were Living in Tibet | Inspirational Songs | www.MyPrayers.net

We Were Living in Tibet

We Were Living In Tibet | Short Inspirational Poems| MyPrayers.net
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