Jesus with Mary Magdalene at the Tomb
Drawing by Heinrich Hoffmann
God's Love - Inspirational Music | My Prayers

God's Love

I am always with you,
even when you seem unable to feel my presence.
I love you always,
I surround you with my protecting love,
even when you occasionally forget me.
I hear your prayers and answer those that are in
the best interest of all involved including, but not limited to, you.
In me is the unfolding of eternal life's mysteries,
If you are sincere and receptive, I progressively unfold these mysteries to you.

I am the light that illumines your thoughts.​
Mine is the sight through which you see.​
I am the feeling of love, peace and joy in you.​
In me you live and have your being.​
I am always at work in your life for your greater good,​
although you may not always believe this.​
Hopefully, your faith in me will grow constant and ​
you will discover the secret of opening yourself to my love:​
The greater your trust in me the more I am able to fill you with my love.​
I want you to give love and equally as important, I want you to receive love.​
How else will you learn to love me?​
How will you learn to accept my love? ​
If you injure one of my children you have injured me. ​
The moment you realize the error of your ways:​
The moment you truly regret your wrongdoing, ​
I forgive you; I nourish you with my tender mercies.​
I am aware of your every thought and action as you strive to live in harmony ​
with my unalterable laws of cause and effect.​
Turn to me as you faithfully monitor your thoughts and actions and​
I'll grant you the wisdom to treat others as you would have them treat you.​
You will discover the love you receive is precisely equal to the love you give.​
Eventually you will realize the love I bestow on you through others​
is purposefully designed to draw you closer to me.​
It is only I who loves you unconditionally.​
I am an ever-flowing fountain of love, light, peace and joy.​
I will never disappoint you; I will always be with you.​
Remember, I never stop loving you for you are my precious child.​

©2012 Paul Martin. All rights reserved. | God's Love |

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Ⓟ2012 Music composed by Paul Martin.
Music produced and arranged by Paul Martin and Daryl Kojak.

©2012 Paul Martin. All rights reserved. | God's Love |

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