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Amazing Grace

Our rendition of the most loved, recorded and performed song ever

Best Old Friends

The realization of the eternal nature of friendship


Remembering to cherish the simple things we often take for granted

I'll Make Your Life a Little Easier

A sweet ballad for weddings, anniversaries, friendship, mutual support

The Promised Land

Click to hear one of our favorite Gospel Songs

It Was I

Being aware God is within each of us

We Were Living in Tibet

An understanding of the Tibetan culture when it was in full bloom.

The Freedom of the USA

A joyful anthem celebrating the Freedom of the USA

There's A Little Bit of Heaven

The recognition of the visible and experiential expressions of Heaven

Together in Heaven

A recently ascended soul, speaking to his grieving family and friends

Make Every Moment Count

Exploring the resultant happiness of making every moment count

I'm Going Home For Christmas

A happy Christmas song recounting the memories
of Christmas as seen through the eyes of a child.

I'll Get Through It Every Time

The realization that no matter how difficult the situation,
with God's help I'll get through it every time.

O Guiding Light

There's a light that shines for me.

The Pearly Gates

The price of admission, you should know,
is not measured in worldly ways.

The Golden Rule

We receive from one another, precisely what we give.

Do Souls Have Colors, Daddy?

When someone goes to heaven, does their color stay the same?

Angels in Our Lives

Could it be someone you idolize, is an unknown Angel in disguise?

Home Is Where the Heart Is

and my hearts with all of you

In the Silence

you will know peace of mind

God's Will

"God's will for us is only good"

Precious Little Soul

NEW -- "You are held in high regard."

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Understanding the law of cause-and-effect.

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We receive from one another, precisely what we give.

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A comforting poem filled with promise of unwavering care.

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A rich man went to heaven . . .

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His loyal subjects understand, he is the King of Souls.

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Remember 9/11

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Forgiving all, forgetting none, I Spirit, Father, Son are one.

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An Easter Poem.

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Life's Unconditional Lovers.

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Together in Heaven

My dearest friends and family there are things I’d like to say
first of all I’ll let you know I arrived here safe today.
I am sending word from heaven where I’ll dwell with God above;
there are no tears and sorrow, there is only peace and love.

I had to leave you as my time on earth was through;
loved ones waited for me just as I will wait for you.
I missed them and I am happy to be with them again;
I want you all to know I’m here with family and friends.

God gave me many tasks he wishes me to do;
high up on the list is watching over all of you.
Don’t think I do not hear you because I am out of sight;
remember I am with you every morning, noon and night.

When your load gets heavy don’t cry too many tears;
then I can whisper to you what you will need to hear.
I always will be near you to guide you through each day;
remember when you need me I am just a thought away.

Our love will build a highway and our memories a lane;
I’ll walk right down from heaven and be with you again.
Remember when you miss me and I am on your mind;
although you will not see me I’ll be just a step behind.
When your life on earth is over and your soul is finally free;
believe me when I tell you, you’ll be coming home with me.

©2005 Paul Martin. All rights reserved
Together in Heaven | www.MyPrayers.net
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Sweet Liberty

America, America, God shed His grace on thee.
And crown thy good with brotherhood, and our Sweet Liberty.

Remember 9/11 and the heartbreak it has caused,
we’ll always be remembering those whose lives were lost.
We were shaken and forsaken on that fateful day,
united by uncertainty, we all began to pray.

“Lord guide us in our darkest hour, let us appreciate,
the liberty and equality that make our country great.
Help us to remember that our freedom’s never free,
lives are lost to pay the cost of our Sweet Liberty.”

America, America, God shed his grace on thee.
And crown thy good with brotherhood, and our Sweet Liberty.

To those whose lives were taken by this senseless tragedy,
you’ll always be an honored part of our country’s history.
You’ll live on in our memories, for we meant what we said,
we will remember 9/11 and the freedom we defend.

America, America, God shed His grace on thee.
And crown thy good with brotherhood, and our Sweet Liberty.

©2/25/2017 Paul Martin. All rights reserved.
Sweet Liberty | MyPrayers.net

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