Become as Little Children. 
Painting by Heinrich Hoffmann.
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Judgment Day

When I was a just a little boy, I was swimming with my friends,
we held hands and formed a circle and round and round we went.
Panic gripped a playmate who could no longer touch the ground,
she clung to me so desperately, as she was dragging me down.

I had swallowed lots of water and much to my surprise,
every moment of my lifetime flashed before my very eyes.
I reviewed every interaction, with everyone I’d ever known,
gentle judgments guided me to see, I’d reaped what I had sown.

Time was standing still, or I never could have seen,
every moment of my life pass by, as if within a dream.
I could see so clearly now the error of my ways,
in my heart I realized, this was the Judgment Day.

There was no hope of survival, yet I did not seem to mind,
I was enraptured and enlightened by what was going through my mind.
Out of nowhere came a lifeguard, after what seemed eternity,
He made a timely rescue and interrupted Judgment Day.

Many years have passed since then, but time has not erased,
the memories of what I saw and learned, on that fateful day.
They’ve guided me insightfully, in a consequential and enduring way.
I knew I’d never be the same, and I’d remember Judgment Day.

©2013 Paul Martin. All rights reserved. | Judgment Day |

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