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The Healing Power of Faith | It is the spiritual key to opening our hearts and minds to God’s empowering Love.

The Healing Power of Faith

Thoughts are like seeds; when planted in the subconscious mind they challenge our ability to bring forth desirable fruit. Once sown the good seeds must be nourished and tended with faith.

After performing a healing, Jesus would say,

“Thy faith has made thee whole.”

To the multitudes He proclaimed,

“Whosoever…shall not doubt in his heart,
but shall believe that
what he saith cometh to pass;
he shall have it.” *

These are the most profound words ever uttered in the history of humanity and they were spoken by the Master Himself. Curiously, they are a double-edged sword. We must be careful what we believe in. We cannot serve two masters. We cannot bow down to both God and mammon.
  We can choose to direct the force, which gives creative power to our thoughts, solely toward constructive mani­festation. Every thought builds what every man wills. See The Lord's Prayer.

Can we nourish a good thing by thinking how good it is? Let’s suppose we embrace a negative viewpoint; will we then get negative results? It seems The Great Law of cause and effect works both ways.
  We create precisely what we think, and it begins to manifest itself instantly, as our mind draws upon the unseen forces of the universe. Either we feed a problem, with our thoughts, or we feed the solution. Either we tear ourselves down or we build ourselves up. It all comes down to whether or not we trust in Jesus and his wisdom. If the answer is an unequivocal yes, we cannot fail to demonstrate over adversity, especially as we become more aware of where we are placing our faith, either in omnipotent God or in the worship of and devotion to the idols of false beliefs.

One little speck of doubting dust,
will make it hard for us to trust.
Our world is moldable through faith,
good will come to those who pray.

Seemingly insurmountable obstacles are over­come by having absolute faith. Jesus, being the central figure of humanity, provided us with invaluable truths. All we need to do is take them on trust. Who greater could we possibly trust? What more joyful revelation could we possibly receive, than our world is moldable through our thoughts?
  When asked by the apostles to increase their faith Jesus said, "if ye had faith as a grain of mustard seed ye would say unto this sycamore tree, be rooted up and planted in the sea, and it will obey you." This attests to the tiniest degree of faith necessary to cause transformation in the material world, being as the mustard seed is the smallest of all seeds. We are all constantly transforming matter, to the degree of either our faith or our doubt. For the most part we don’t take notice. Or, if we do, we do not consider that we, ourselves, may be the recurring Cause.

Jesus’ emphasized that we are eternally safe in God’s loving care and guidance to the degree we believe it to be true.

“Ye shall know the truth,
and the truth shall make you free."

The truth is that divine man is manifest God, made in His image and likeness and has within Him all that is necessary for His own restoration. This is the great mystery hidden for ages and revealed by Jesus Christ. Do you remember when Jesus admonished the Pharisees saying, “isn’t it written in your law, I say ye are gods?”

Jesus demonstrated that faith is the catalyst that opens the floodgates of God’s empowering life force, that which gives light and guidance to our minds and life and healing to our bodies. Man’s greatest quest should be to constantly deepen His faith by dedicating himself to manifesting the healing light of omnipotence as demonstrated by Jesus, as we continue to model ourselves after Him. Meanwhile, let’s not forget His promise, “He that believed on me, the works that I do He shall do also.”

The healing light of God is unfailing. We can block its radiance with petty thoughts and actions, or we can dismiss thoughts of powerlessness which enables us to have more meaningful dem­on­stra­tions. This can be accomplished by keeping our focus on the cherished wisdom of Jesus, as our well-being just naturally falls into place. We must be true to the sayings of Jesus and saturate ourselves with them until they are born again in us as faith, the level of which determines the quality of our demonstrations and is in direct proportion to the depth of our devotion.

Jesus revealed the truth about the hidden laws of Mind which are set in motion by faith. Once discovered, we realize we are able to access the mighty reservoirs of creative Mind for the well-being of ourselves and others. We eventually understand, on a deeply intuitive level, we reap precisely what we sow on a moment to moment basis. Is there any one of us who has never said, “I have changed my mind?” This leads us to the conclusion that man and the universe exist in Mind and all changes, for either good or ill, are actually changes of mind.

Jesus revealed the portal to the inner kingdom of mind power. It is readily accessible to us by our meditating upon the life-giving properties of His creative word. We are able to summon the restorative, blissful, peaceful, light and healing current of Spirit emanating from omnipresent God the Father and permeating all that is im­per­ish­able.
  Jesus was the ultimate wayshower. He suc­ceeded in shepherding us towards a spiritual mindset which set in motion the gradual process of alleviating the mesmerically induced suffering of the human race. He continues to help those who seek direct union with the spirit of creative mind, as he lovingly proclaimed,

“I am the way and the truth and the life.”

Jesus taught that Spirit is the omniscient ruler within. True heroism is born of holding our thoughts on the perfection of the creative power of Spirit, which is made manifest by cause-and-effect, regardless of the hopelessness of outer appearances and beliefs. We must possess a mind that can stand firm in all circumstances, a mind that is brave and heroic. True heroism, being born of firm faith in the eventual expression of good, will supersede all unpleasant conditions caused by erroneous beliefs.

Jesus said, “I and the Father are one,” by which He meant when we have spiritually united with creative mind we are able to make our visuali­zations become realities. It may be we alter our fate by causing that which is God to find expression in word, deed and demonstration. Behind the personal mind is a great creative mind which makes manifest the constructive visualizations we have laid upon the sacred altar of cause-and-effect. We reap precisely what we sow. By trusting in God’s presence we become as gods made in His image and likeness. The measure of our power to demonstrate lies in the depth of our faith. Therefore, the visible outer man is that which the inner man constructs with his thoughts.

Jesus was the ultimate practitioner of constructive thinking. He brought to light the fact that human­ity unwittingly practices creative visualization, yet for the most part, it is negative due to the myriad erroneous beliefs mankind has become vulnerable to over the course of history. This is what Jesus meant when He said "the truth will set you free". Once we realize we are not powerless victims of circumstance we are able to keep our focus on good rather than evil. We realize good will always triumph over evil when unwavering faith is applied to any given circumstances. “All things whosoever you pray for and ask for, believe that ye receive them and ye shall have them.”

Faith is obstructed by ignorance and the unpleasant consequences of cause-and-effect are neutralized by understanding. Sin, which is failing to comply with God’s laws, either knowingly or unknowingly, is the Cause and disharmony is the Effect. The mysterious “original sin” is nothing more than unawareness of the existence of the divine laws Jesus came to reveal. When Jesus said, “be as a child,” he meant toddlers have not yet been indoctrinated with erroneous race thought and are still pure in heart. His was an enlightening message that caused those who eventually under­stood it to be forgiven for what were actually sins of omission, with regard to their moral obligations. Joy replaces sorrow, as light replaces darkness when understanding is re­warded with forgiveness of the negative consequences of cause-and-effect.

Most were not ready to accept His message, so they blindly took it out on the messenger. Jesus lessened the suffering of the world with a mastery of truth that continues to redeem humanity from almost certain extinction. He suffered and died for the sole purpose of delivering His redeeming message. I am very grateful to Him being as I think I might have remained in the heavenly realm if faced with the same situation. What would you have done? Just imagine how much He must love us to have voluntarily submitted to such degradation and suffering.

There are times I think I know how Jesus felt when he said, “My God, why hast thou forsaken me?” Then I realize He actually demonstrated to us that God is always present and is constantly taking form in our lives according to the exact expression of the words, thoughts and deeds, with which we shape our destiny. In his anguish on the cross, he set an example for us to earnestly implore God rather than to lose faith in His power and presence.

We enter the Kingdom of Heaven when we accept the promise of the Scriptures literally, as we look to God for our every need. Jesus said, “all of these things shall be added,” to those who earnestly seek the high way of the Lord. Have faith in God in all things and be watchful as good is made manifest. Jesus said, “Ask and you shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and it (the kingdom) shall be opened unto you.” We love God because He cares for us through the medium of cause-and-effect. We are empowered to demon­strate good in its allness being as we reap precisely what we choose to sow. In Divine Mind all is perfect causation and is waiting to be made manifest in our con-scious­ness merely for the heartfelt asking.

One of the many reasons Jesus came into this world was to uplift humanity by demonstrating life after life. We too have a mission. Unless we find and fulfill our purpose in life we will be destined to search in vain for happiness. If we want to be welcome in heaven we have to dedicate ourselves to being good to others, the reason being in the heavenly realm that’s all there is to do. Everyone is kind every moment, otherwise they are no longer welcome to remain in the kingdom.

I suspect that’s why we are here in this present life. Like certain archangels, we apparently became self-absorbed and were temporarily banished from the kingdom. Eventually, when we repent, we will be permitted to return. We wonder if there might have been other times we have fallen from our divine, beginningless and endless birthright and where and when else we may have lived a life in total unawareness of our true source. Conversely, some of us may have volunteered our presence here in order to help humanity, as did Jesus. Either way, we pray to be worthy of reentering and thereafter remaining forever, in the bliss of our eternal abode.

Bear in mind literally, the kingdom of heaven is not so much a location, as it is a glorious state of mind which is mutually possessed with all other high-minded souls. Unconditional love manifesting itself in total harmony with the divine mind of God, coupled with The Unfailing Power of Faith are the prerequisites for our eternal individualities to dwell collectively within the sacred society of immortal souls.
  “This day you shall be with me in paradise,” said Jesus to the repentant thief on Calvary. It appears we are all welcome in heaven once we realize the error of our ways. If you have heard the voice of God and are obedient to Him at any cost, you are chosen. The way into the kingdom will be opened to you.

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and
His righteousness; and all things
(eternal life) shall be added onto you.”

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The Healing Power of Faith * Inspired by Mark 11:23