Get Thee behind Me, Satan.
Drawing by Heinrich Hoffmann.

The Mortal Dream | Poems of encouragement are inspirational.

The Mortal Dream

We immortal beings co-exist in perfect union with our beloved,
as fully realized and awakened individuals,
neither male nor female,
filled with love, peace, joy and understanding,
never sleeping, eating, desiring, beginning or ending,
sharing boundless, blissful joy and love,
being part of a collective consciousness to vast to imagine,
too perfect to fathom the level of perfection,
enriching and being enriched,
being no more or no less than others,
absolutely and uniquely equal and supremely co-existent.

To remain in this unfathomable union requires absolute humility,
consequently, some of us occasionally suffer the belief that we have fallen out of grace,
we then fall into a deep sleep, …….
we dream we are born into a physical world,
a world in which we have flesh and blood and bodies, gender, parents, siblings,
children, mates, friends, enemies, beginnings and endings, problems and solutions,
we believe we are subject to sickness and pain,
we believe time is a reality,
we believe the greatest illusion of all,
our time will eventually run out and we will someday die,
belief in death is in fact a catalyst for our inevitable reunion,
it is the redeeming influence of our mortal dream,
it is the fear underlying all fears which causes us to search for serenity.

As we think collectively in our oneness with our beloved,
we think collectively in our mortal dream as well.
Most of us believe whatever is popularly accepted by the collective consciousness
with whom we are sharing our mortal dream.
The challenges are constant although not readily apparent,
that which we strongly believe eventually occurs.
Strong beliefs prevail either for our increased awareness or delusion.
We experience much suffering in order to awaken from our mortal dream.
Some of us comprehend the need to awaken before we experience the illusion of death:
if we are able to realize our true spiritual identity we will not fall into a deep sleep
as we did before...…. and dream another mortal dream.
We realize that which we perceive to be reality is actually a dream of mortality.
Some of us have dreamed the mortal dream many times:
all of us will eventually return to our beloved, enriched by our experiences,
ablaze with the love that fueled our burning desire
to reawaken in the state of perpetual amazing grace.

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