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A Mother's Way

Looking back when I was two,
there is one thing I surely knew,
I craved the love of my mother,
which was comforting and true.

She'd nurture me with kindness
and with words not understood.
I longed to speak her language
and felt sure someday I would.

She calmed me and cured me,
in part by what she'd say,
she made me feel I was loved,
it was just A Mother's Way.

What was it she was saying
that made me feel so good?
Could it be her heartfelt love,
that I intuitively understood?

The years have flown by quickly,
yet it seems like yesterday,
when Mother would comfort me,
this is often what she'd say.

"Love will enlighten you,
when you sincerely pray.
God will always care for you,
it is just A Mother's Way".

©9/28/2016 Paul Martin. All rights reserved.
A Mother's Way | MyPrayers.net

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©9/28/2016 Paul Martin. All rights reserved | A Mother's Way | Inspirational Poem | MyPrayers.net

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