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A Mother's Way

Looking back when I was two,
there is one thing I surely knew,
I craved the love of my mother,
which was comforting and true.

She'd nurture me with kindness
and with words not understood.
I longed to speak her language
and felt sure someday I would.

She calmed me and cured me,
in part by what she'd say,
she made me feel I was loved,
it was just A Mother's Way.

What was it she was saying
that made me feel so good?
Could it be her heartfelt love,
that I intuitively understood?

The years have flown by quickly,
yet it seems like yesterday;
when Mother would comfort me,
this is often what she'd say,

"Love will enlighten you,
when you sincerely pray.
God will always care for you,
it is just A Mother's Way".

©9/28/2016 Paul Martin. All rights reserved.
A Mother's Way | MyPrayers.net

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©9/28/2016 Paul Martin. All rights reserved | A Mother's Way | Inspirational Poem | MyPrayers.net

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