Mark Twain was the first American writer to infuse in his characters wit, humor, wisdom, heart and Soul and feelings, regardless of their color. In all probability, his creativity and insight into human nature remain unparalleled to this day. Haley’s Comet flashed across the sky at the hour of his birth and likewise, at the hour of his passing some seventy years later. I can’t help but wonder if his Soul arrived and departed via some sort of divinely orchestrated special delivery.
I am a Soul - Inspirational Poem | My Prayers

I Am A Soul

​I am a soul, I was never born,
therefore, I can never perish.
I am an immortal individual,
bound to all I love and cherish.

I’ve played many roles,
in many times and lands.
When this journey’s over,
I’ll be going home again.

I’ve traveled to the shores,
of storm tossed humanity.
I left my home in paradise,
along with all my memories.

I’ve progressed with dedication,
I see through my mortal guise.
I express increased divinity,
as I strive to help mankind.

Now I need not worry,
about what’s beyond the veil.
I realize I am imperishable,
I’m an immortal, ageless soul.

©2013 Paul Martin. All rights reserved.
I am a Soul |

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©2013 Paul Martin. All rights reserved. | I am a Soul |

Mark Twain as a young man.