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Amazing Grace

Our rendition of the most loved, recorded and performed song ever

Best Old Friends

The realization of the eternal nature of friendship


Remembering to cherish the simple things we often take for granted

I'll Make Your Life a Little Easier

A sweet ballad for weddings, anniversaries, friendship, mutual support

The Promised Land

Click to hear one of our favorite Gospel Songs

It Was I

Being aware God is within in each of us

We Were Living in Tibet

An understanding of the Tibetan culture when it was in full bloom.

The Freedom of the USA

A joyful anthem celebrating the Freedom of the USA

There's A Little Bit of Heaven

The recognition of the visible and experiential expressions of Heaven

Together in Heaven

A recently ascended soul, speaking to his grieving family and friends

Make Every Moment Count

Exploring the resultant happiness of making every moment count

I'm Going Home For Christmas

A happy Christmas song recounting the memories
of Christmas as seen through the eyes of a child.

I'll Get Through It Every Time

The realization that no matter how difficult the situation,
with God's help I'll get through it every time.

O Guiding Light

There's a light that shines for me.

The Pearly Gates

The price of admission, you should know,
is not measured in worldly ways.

The Golden Rule

We receive from one another, precisely what we give.

Do Souls Have Colors, Daddy?

When someone goes to heaven, does their color stay the same?

Angels in Our Lives

Could it be someone you idolize, is an unknown Angel in disguise?

Home Is Where the Heart Is

and my hearts with all of you

In the Silence

you will know peace of mind

God's Will

"God's will for us is only good"

Precious Little Soul

NEW -- "You are held in high regard."

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Link to: The Great Law

I believe there is a Great Law,

by which we reap what we have sown.
We create what we imagine,
although this truth is little known.

The Great Law is always working,

it’s a mirror of our mind.

What we think and say and do,

is returned to us in kind.

The Great Law is our connection,

by which we mold our destiny.

It’s the source of God’s protection,

as we believe, so we will be.

The Great Law reacts precisely,

to the thoughts that we create.

To choose our thoughts more wisely,
we must have unwavering faith.

When we trust in God’s protection,

He inspires the thoughts we choose.

When we know our thoughts have power,

the Great Law is ours to use.

We do not have to settle,

for merely neutralizing strife.

We can tip the scales in our favor
and create a happy, healthy life.

The Great Law is our connection,

by which we mold our destiny.

It’s the source of God’s protection,

as we believe, so we will be.

as we believe, so we will be.

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The Great Law - Listen to song in it's entirety.
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