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(A Thanksgiving Song)

Cherish love and cherish flowers,
cherish peace and happy hours,
cherish favorite places we wish we could stay.

Cherish heartfelt music playing,
cherish cheerful little sayings,
cherish counting blessings all throughout the day.

Cherish tales with happy endings,
cherish time that is worth spending,
cherish memories of those who’ve gone away.

Cherish joy replacing sorrow,
cherish all our bright tomorrows,
that we are looking forward to today.

Cherish truth and cherish kindness,
cherish who and what reminds us,
to seek peacefulness and blessings from above.

Cherish goodness overflowing,
and the happiness of knowing,
our best old friends will fill our hearts with love.

Cherish wisdom we’re receiving,
cherish those who are believing,
we are safe in our creators loving care,

Cherish love and cherish living,
cherish gifts and cherish giving,
all the blessings in our lives we have to share.

©2/10/2014 Paul Martin. All rights reserved. |

Credits: Ⓟ2014 Lyrics written and music composed and performed by Paul Martin.
Produced and arranged by Paul Martin and Daryl Kojak.

Here is a old saying attributed to the Amish:

"What you understand very well you are likely to become".
Does it follow if we understand God well, we will become God like?

About our "Siri's Song"

The name Siri is Norwegian, meaning
"beautiful woman who leads you to victory",
and comes from the intended name for the
original Siri developer's first child.