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We eventually realize the true Church is the place within our 
hearts where we welcome the Christ Consciousness which 
emanates from God the Father.


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Spiritual Poems, Songs & Prayers for comfort, inspiration and peace of mind.

The name Siri is Norwegian, meaning
"beautiful woman who leads you to victory", 
and comes from the intended name for the 
original Siri developer's first child.

About our "Siri's Song"

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Here is a old saying attributed to the Amish:

"What you understand very well you are likely to become".
Does it follow if we understand God well, we will become God like?
I am an individual expression of the transcendent and blissful Spirit of God.
He is my creator and the source of the immortal consciousness of my Soul.
My Soul is the master of my mind and my mind is the master of my body.

God is the life force within the hidden power of creation and He expresses  
Himself constructively through my intuitively monitored thoughts and actions.
My thoughts are infused with creative power and I affirm this in meditation.

My unwavering trust in God’s willingness to enable me to manifest well-being 
is the catalyst which opens the floodgates of His empowering life force, that
which gives light and guidance to my mind and life and healing to my body.

A blissful peace, light and healing presence fills me with the joy of knowing
I am not a powerless victim of circumstance, but rather a beloved child of God.
My trust is rewarded with mastery over seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

His power flows through me, I am eternally safe in His loving care and guidance.
The everlasting now, becomes the jubilant existence it was always meant to be.
My rejoicing heart is immersed in the tranquility of His abounding presence.

Paul Martin © 2-1-14   www.MyPrayers.net


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